Saturday, 2 May 2015

FEATURED PAGE - Becki With The I

Hello, I am Becki Pallan,
I am based in Surrey and I set up Becki With The I around 2013 trying out customising ladies T shirts, However I didn't give myself the time or the faith to push it forward.

I then had my son in 2014 and towards the end of my maternity leave I started to play with idea for Children's T shirts, I hand paint using fabric paint and I draw onto them, stencil or sponge, I use fabric too, experimenting has been fun, I love using different mediums and trying out all different possibilities.

My latest t shirt - Ballerina tee
I got covered in glitter using my hands as a stencil for the tutu, I kept finding it on me for days :)
I love fashion and I work in a fashion team in my current full time job.

Every other minute is thinking of ideas, trying them out, I currently have a photo shoot planned with a fellow business Love & Treasure Photography. (Check her out on my page)

I am so excited of all the possibilities with networking, I have some craft fairs lined up, so am intrigued about how they work and if this could be the best platform for my business.

I am completely open to ideas and suggestions, if customers would like something I don't show, just ask and we can see if its possible, I can customise adults Tee's too.

Its early days but I hope to one day have this as my full time role and source of income, to also enable me to be with my son.

The world is my oyster :)

I am always willing to network, joining forces for events etc
pop by at 
Instragram- BeckiWithTheI

I am currently working on a website, so hope to showcase my new platform very soon.  

Click to visit fb page

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