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FEATURED PAGE - Poppyjem Jewellery & Craft Studio - 14.2.15

Poppyjem Jewellery & Craft Studio

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The story of Poppyjem Jewellery and Craft Studio began in 1861, when my great, great grandmother was presented with a writing bureau. Her husband was a vicar in a village in Nottinghamshire and when he retired the parishioners gave her the bureau as a gift to thank her for all her work within the parish. I have the letter still that was given to her, with over 200 signatures thanking her.

 It was passed down the family to my grandmother who used it as a Jewellery case, and as a child i would spend many hours asking her about each of her little treasures that she kept. there. Precious jewels, family pieces, costume jewellery ranging from the late 1800's to the 1970's.

The bureau is now mine and is my most treasured possession. It was one of my fondest memories as a child, and this is where my love of jewellery began.

My other passion is in the beauty of colours. I love the richness, combinations, shades, merging of colour, particularly in animals and plants. Marine life is incredible with so many beautifully coloured creatures, quite breathtaking. Birds are like little colour palettes with wings  The combination of colours in flowers also fascinate me, how one flower can have so many shades of colour amazes me!

Colour is my inspiration in the pieces i create, mainly the combination of colour. Which is why my work is so varied, they are my interpretation of colours that i like to see together, ranging from ceramic and lampwork glass beads to wood, leather and metals. Sometimes my pieces need to be bold and rich, equally simple and subtle, and it usually stems from the colour of one bead that i have found.

 I hope you enjoy my work as much as i enjoy creating it. I keep Poppyjem's facebook page undated regularly with the new pieces that i create, before they are available in the Poppyjem Etsy shop, so hopefully you will join me there  


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